Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS)

A relational database system for the collection of directory information for educational entities and individuals that is Web-based for both updating and information retrieval.

Links to the Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS), ODE Interactive for downloading school district and building mailing lists and OEDS Reports are below. Click on OEDS to search for a district or building IRN.


The Ohio Educational Directory System (OEDS) is a decentralized data system in which organizations (those who do business with ODE, such as public districts, public schools, joint vocational schools, community schools, educational service centers, nonpublic schools, etc.) to maintain their own data. The general public can search OEDS for the most current information about an organization. Search by entering information about the organization and then click the search button in the lower, right corner. If the organization is not found, widen the search by entering less information. OEDS organization administrators must login to their SAFE accounts to update information.

Ohio Educational Directory Lists

The following Excel spreadsheets contain school district and building contact information, including addresses, phone numbers and superintendent/principal names.

Public School District contact information - superintendents and treasurers (updated 10/31/2015)
Public School contact information (updated 10/31/2015)
Community School contact information (updated 10/31/2015)
Nonpublic School contact information (updated 10/31/2015)
Joint Vocational School District contact information  (updated 10/31/2015)
Educational Service Center contact information (updated 10/31/2015)


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