Academic Distress Commission

State law requires the Superintendent of Public Instruction to establish an Academic Distress Commission for each school district that has been declared to be in academic emergency.


Conducted under Ohio law, district reviews support local school districts in establishing or strengthening a cycle of continuous improvement. Reviews consider carefully the effectiveness of system-wide functions using the Ohio Department of Education’s six district standards: leadership governance and communication; curriculum and instruction; assessment and effective use of data; human resources and professional development; student supports; and fiscal management. Reviews identify systems and practices that may be impeding improvement as well as those most likely contributing to positive results.


Reviews collect evidence for each of the six district standards above. A district review team consisting of independent consultants with expertise in each of the standards reviews documentation, data and reports prior to conducting a five-day district visit that includes visits to individual schools. The team conducts interviews and focus group sessions with such stakeholders as board of education members, teachers’ association representatives, administrators, teachers, parents and students. Team members also observe classroom instructional practice. Subsequent to the on-site review, the team meets after the observation to develop findings and recommendations before submitting a draft report to the department of education. District review reports focus primarily on the system’s most significant strengths and challenges, with an emphasis on identifying areas for improvement.

District Review Manual 

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