Academic Distress Commission

Districts are subject to an academic distress commission after receiving an overall grade of F on the Ohio School Report Cards for three consecutive years. Find more information in Ohio Revised Code 3302.10.

District Status

Districts with Academic Distress Commissions as of april, 2019

Received an Overall Grade of F on the Ohio School Report Cards for three consecutive years

Districts with an Overall Grade of F for two consecutive years

Districts that have received one Overall Grade of F

Academic Distress Commission Members as of March 5, 2019

How member appointments are made

  • Appointments made within 30 days after the district is notified of the creation of the Academic Distress Commission.
  • A total of Five members are appointed
    • Three members appointed by State Superintendent (One appointee must be a county resident)
      • State Superintendent designates the Chairperson from one of the three members appointed.
    • One member appointed by the president of the local school board (Teacher employed by the district)
    • One member appointed by the mayor
  • Members of the commission serve at the pleasure of their appointing authority

East Cleveland City Schools

Lorain City
School District

Youngstown City
School District

Dr. Tachelle Banks Steve Cawthon Dr. Maria Hoffmaster
Belinda Kyle Diane Conibear-Xander Dr. Ben McGee
Rev. Stan Miller Patricia O'Brien Dr. John Richard
Michael Schoop Randall Sampson Nick Santucci
Karen Winston-Carpenter Dr. Michele Soliz Vincent Shivers
CEO - Henry Pettiegrew CEO - David Hardy CEO - Krish Mohip
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