Ohio's Learning Standards for English Language Arts

Ohio educators, many of whom engage daily with Ohio students, drove the process to make improvements to Ohio’s Learning Standards for English Language Arts as part of a periodic review. In many cases, the changes reflect instruction already taking place in Ohio’s classrooms. The clarifications in the revised standards will guide districts in modifying, not replacing their existing local curriculum, instructional plans and materials. In addition to the information available now, we will be providing additional resources to help educators learn about, and begin using, the revised standards. 

Ohio’s Learning Standards, which were first adopted in 2010, explain the skills and knowledge students need to succeed. In 2015-2016, Ohio embarked on an updating process resulting in revised standards that the State Board of Education adopted in February 2017.

We encourage districts to begin incorporating the revised standards into their work. The 2018-2019 Ohio's State Tests will assess the content of the revised 2017 standards.

Ohio's Learning Standards for English Language Arts (adopted 2010)

Click HERE to view Ohio's Learning Standards for English Language Arts adopted in 2010. 

Ohio's Learning Standards for English Language Arts (revised 2017)

Ohio's Learning Standards for English Language Arts (revised 2017) | Section 508 Version

Visit the English language arts standards transition page for comparison of 2010 and 2017 standards and the complete 2017 revised standards. You also will find video presentations, supporting documents and a three-year suggested transition timeline.

Transition to the 2017 ELA Standards

Appendices to the Standards

The updated appendices to the standards reflect the revisions adopted in 2017 for English Language Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects. Go to our Instructional Strategies page to find more information on text complexity, as described in Appendix A.

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Research Supporting Key Elements of the Standards

Section 508 Version

Text Exemplars and Sample Performance Tasks

Section 508 Version

Samples of Student Writing

Additional Resources for Understanding Ohio’s English Language Arts Learning Standards

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