Criteria for Diploma with Honors

Public comment is open on proposals for new Honors Diplomas and Additional Requirements

Existing Three Honors Diplomas

High school students who exceed graduation requirements in Ohio are eligible to receive an Honors Diploma. Currently, there are three types of Honors Diplomas. The Academic Honors Diploma requires a student to earn higher level or more credits in mathematics, science and social studies. Additionally, the student must earn World Language credits and have a 3.5 GPA and either an ACT score of 27 or a SAT score of 1210.

Two other types are the International Baccalaureate Honors and Career Technical Honors Diplomas. While similar to the Academic Honors Diploma, there are differences. The International Baccalaureate Honors Diploma requires an additional World Language requirement and completion of the International Baccalaureate assessments in at least six academic areas. The Career Technical Honors Diploma does not require World Language credits and does require four career-technical education credits. The student also must earn an industry-recognized credential or be proficient on an appropriate career-technical assessment.

Proposing Three New Honors Diplomas

The State Board of Education in Ohio is considering adding three more types of Honors Diplomas. They are STEM, Arts and Social Science & Civic Engagement Honors Diplomas.

Although World Language is highly valued, there is no requirement in these three proposed Honors Diplomas. While the state values all subjects, credit for other content areas would stay at the Ohio diploma minimum amount to ensure students have time to take more courses in the content area of focus for the Honors Diploma.

Proposing Two Additional Requirements for all Honors Diplomas, except Academic Honors Diploma

The State Board of Education in Ohio is considering adding two new requirements for the existing International Baccalaureate and Career Technical Honors Diplomas and the three proposed new STEM, Arts and Social Science & Civic Engagement Honors Diplomas.

They are requirements for a field experience, such as an internship or apprenticeship, and a comprehensive portfolio based on the field experience that external experts review and validate.

Students must meet all but one requirement to be eligible for any Honors Diploma.


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