Ohio’s Options for a High School Diploma

The transition to multiple options for earning a high school diploma is an exciting one for students who will have more flexibility for success in school and preparing for their future after high school. The department is providing the following tools to communicate effectively these options.

new communication tools to help districts explain graduation for the Class of 2018 and beyond

  • GradPath_2018beyond.jpgA video (2 min. 30 sec.) that gives a general overview of the new options for students.| Video Download | Video Transcript
  • An overview handout about graduation requirements for students and their families.
  • A PowerPoint about Ohio's options for a High School diploma
  • Here is the list of approved industry-recognized credentials that students in the class of 2018 and beyond can use to qualify for high school graduation. It includes credentials tied to Ohio's in-demand occupations. Additionally, the department reviewed and included, as appropriate, credentials suggested by community stakeholders, including parents, schools and businesses. Student must earn 12 points through one or several credentials within a single career field and achieve a workforce-readiness score on the WorkKeys assessment.

Please email questions to gradrequirements@education.ohio.gov.

Last Modified: 7/10/2017 4:35:41 PM