Ohio’s Learning Standards Revision

It’s time to update Ohio’s Learning Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics. Learn how you can participate...

The State Board of Education has adopted Ohio's Learning Standards in Mathematics. The Kindergarten - Grade 12 standards will be in full use in Ohio classrooms by 2014-2015, when tests matched to the standards are in place.

Ohio's Learning Standards

Additional Resources for Diverse Learners

Model Curricula

These mathematics model curricula were written by Ohio educators to support the implementation of Ohio's Learning Standards in Mathematics. In March 2011 the State Board of Education adopted model curricula to match the standards. This document will grow and change over time.

In October 2013, Career Connections strategies were added to the teaching strategies in the model curricula.

Calculator Guidance for Ohio's State Tests

Calculators are important instructional tools that are allowable - but not required - for students in grades 6-12 to use while taking state tests. Students in grades 3-5 are only permitted to use a calculator if they qualify for a calculator as an accommodation. For students taking the computer-based tests, a calculator will be provided in the technology platform for the test. Students may use handheld calculators for either the computer-based or paper-based test formats and schools may permit them to bring their own handheld devices for test purposes.

An online calculator identical to the one students will use during online testing is available for practice in the Student Practice Resources - Mathematics folder on the Ohio's State Test Portal.

Further guidance on calculator usage:

Reference Sheets for Ohio's State Tests

A reference sheet may be used on Ohio's State Mathematics Tests by all students in grades four and above. For paper-based testers, the math reference sheets will be included within the student test booklet. For online testers, the math reference sheet is embedded within the platform. A hard-copy may be provided to students during online testing but these need to be printed at the local level. Once testing is finished, test administrators must collect the math reference sheets and shred any that may contain student writing.

Reference Sheets

Grade 4 Grade 6 & 7 High School
Grade 5 Grade 8 All Grades

2014-2015 PARCC Test Items Released

A selection of test questions that were given on the PARCC assessment during spring 2015 are now available online. While Ohio is no longer using PARCC, these items are a useful tool to inform classroom instruction and give parents insight into the kinds of questions students experienced on tests. 

The released test questions represent roughly one full test per grade level in the two subjects tested – math and English language arts. PARCC also has indicated the learning standards associated with each test item and scoring rubrics that show what is required to score at each performance level. Examples of scored student responses also are available to illustrate actual work and the corresponding points earned on the student example. 

The items are available on the PARCC Partnership Resource Center website. Additional resources to assist administrators and teachers share and explain test results from the 2014-2015 Ohio's State Tests are available on the department's Test Results webpage.

Ohio Mathematics and Science Partnership Program Grant

  • The Ohio Mathematics and Science Partnership provides professional development opportunities especially for Ohio’s mathematics and science educators. For more information click here.

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