Ohio Resources for College and Career Planning

These resources for college and career planning are available only in Ohio.

College Access Information Hotline

The College Access Information Hotline phone number is 877-I-ATTAIN (877-428-8246).
The hotline, which is available 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, is staffed by an information specialist trained to answer any questions from students and families about planning for college. Click here for information on College Access Information Hotline.

College Advantage: A 529 Savings Plan

With College Advantage, families can save for their children’s college education using direct deposit or automatic payroll deduction. Savings are tax deductible and can be used at any college in the country. Click here for information on College Advantage.

College 101 Magazine

This magazine provides articles about attending college in Ohio. College 101 includes real stories from Ohio college students about their path to college and advice for other students thinking about college. Click here to see current and past issues of the magazine.

Ohio Career Information System (OCIS) and the Individual Academic Career Plan (IACP)

OCIS and the IACP are interactive online tools with accurate, current and relevant job, postsecondary school and financial aid information. They include tools for saving your research, course planning and resume development. If your school or community organization pays a license fee, it's free to students and families. Click here for information on the OCIS and IACP.

Ohio College Access Network (OCAN)

OCAN is a group of community organizations dedicated to increasing college access for Ohio students. Click here to access the OCAN map and find out about the college access organizations in your community.

State Grants and Scholarships

Click here to link to Ohio Board of Regents information on state grants and scholarships. Look in the light gray box on the right to see the different types of state aid available. If you have questions about state grants and scholarships, you can call the State Grants and Scholarships Hotline at 1-888-833-1133.

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