6 Cents Certification/New Meal Pattern Resources

The electronic submission process of 6 Cents Certification documentation to ODE, OCN is now available in CRRS. 

Attestation of Compliance with Meal Pattern Requirements - There is no Word version of this form. Please print the form, fill out, sign and scan as a document to upload into CRRS. Attestation-of-Compliance-with-Meal-Pattern-Requirements.pdf

SFAs will electronically submit all documentation for the 6 Cents Certification process into CRRS. ODE, OCN will not accept any faxed or mailed documentation for the 6 Cents Certification process.

The Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010 (HHFKA) allows School Food Authorities (SFAs) the ability to apply for and receive an additional 6 cents per student reimbursable lunch. Ohio SFAs must be certified compliant with the new meal pattern requirements by the Ohio Department of Education, Office for Child Nutrition (ODE, OCN) before the SFA may receive the additional reimbursement. The first possible month that a SFA may receive the reimbursement is October 2012.   The HHFKA explicitly states that SFAs found out of compliance will not receive the additional reimbursement.

The certification process for the 6 cents performance-based reimbursement works as follows:

  • SFA submits certification documentation via the Claims Reimbursement and Reporting System (CRRS);
  • ODE, OCN makes a certification determination within 60 days;
  • ODE, OCN will conduct validation reviews of 25 percent of certified SFAs in School Year (SY) 2012-2013;
  • Certified SFAs must annually attest to ongoing compliance with the meal patterns through SY 2014-2015;
  • Ongoing compliance with the meal pattern requirements is monitored during administrative reviews {currently known as Coordinated Review Effort (CRE)}.

Resources for New Meal Pattern Compliance and 6 Cents Certification process completion:

Florida Dept. of Ag/Consumer Svcs., Division of Food, Nutrition and Wellness -Menu Templates and Sample Menus

Kansas State DOE, School Nutrition Programs -School-Tested Menus & Recipes that Meet the Challenge

Ohio Department of Education, Office for Child Nutrition, Menus that Move (cycle menus)

USDA, Food and Nutrition Service -Nutrition Standards for School Meals

USDA, Food and Nutrition Service - Certification of Compliance (Excel Worksheets) - USDA also has a series of videos snippets about filling out the 6 cents worksheets on this webpage.

ODE, OCN training for SFAs: ODE, OCN has several opportunities for trainings with regards to the new meal pattern and 6 cents certification process. To register for these trainings go to the Claims Reimbursement and Reporting System (CRRS) log in screen (the screen where a user types in their user name and password). Instead of logging into CRRS, click on “Click here to register for training” directly below the user name and password entry prompts. On the next screen, type in your CRRS user name and password in the prompts on the left side of the screen and click Continue. A list of the available webinars and trainings will appear. If you need to change or cancel your registration, you will need your confirmation number and last name.

New Meal Pattern Documents:  

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