Nonpublic Schools Program Information and Forms

This page contains miscellaneous guidelines, forms, training courses and data tools to assist nonpublic school administrators (predominately treasurers) with the performance of their daily duties and with finance related reporting.

Administrative Cost Reimbursement Program

Annual reimbursement is provided to each chartered nonpublic school for the actual mandated service administrative and clerical costs incurred during the preceding school year.

The Administrative Cost Reimbursement Application opens on Thursday, May 18, 2017.  Please do not enter data until the close of the school year for your school.  The application can be found under the SAFE account.  The application period closes on Monday, July 31, 2017.

Auxiliary Services   

The Auxiliary Services Program is authorized under 3317.06 and 3317.024 of the Ohio Revised Code. Payments are made on a per pupil basis to the public school district where the non-public school is located. The public school district, upon requests from the non-public school, provides 1) textbooks, 2) diagnostic, therapeutic, and remedial personnel services, and 3) educational equipment to the non-public school students.

Funds SF-200

Mobile Units Funds

Funds are available for the repair and/or relocation or replacement of Auxiliary Service mobile units upon demonstration of need and approval from the Department of Education.  

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