In 2011, the Ohio General Assembly once again gave the Ohio Department of Education the authority to become the direct authorizer of charter schools.  Under this authority, the Department’s Office of School Sponsorship (“School Sponsorship”) serves as the authorizer for both new start-up charter schools and pre-existing charter schools. For the 2014-2015 school-year, there are 21 charter schools in the program. School Sponsorship may add up to 5 new charter schools and 15 existing charter schools per year. This document outlines the general mission and goals of School Sponsorship, as well as providing guidance regarding the application process.

School Sponsorship’s mission is to provide a program that adheres to the highest standards of approval and oversight. Through the application and oversight processes, School Sponsorship will work with our authorized charter schools to set high academic, fiscal, and governance standards, and maintaining accountability to the public. 

Ohio’s charter schools must offer parents a meaningful choice of where their children can receive a free public education. It is our goal that each charter school in the program will demonstrate a clear commitment to provide a high quality program that outperforms the traditional district in which they are located. Our philosophy is that charter schools can succeed in meeting these goals regardless of location or student demographics.

School Sponsorship encourages applications from both new developers and successful existing operators or replicators. School Sponsorship is open to innovative ideas that will provide a high quality school of choice committed to serving students with diverse needs.

ODE accepts applications via personal delivery, regular mail, or electronic mail. The links below provide information and guidance on the process, as well as a model application.

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