Operating Standards and Guidance

Operating Standards and Guidance

The Operating Standards and the Guidance Document identify the state requirements and federal Part B Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) requirements that apply to the implementation of special education and related services to students with disabilities by school districts, county boards of developmental disabilities and other educational agencies and other interested stakeholders.

The Operating Standards ensure that students with disabilities have opportunities for equal access to the general education curriculum, equal participation in education and school activities, and transition planning for life after high school.  The contents of the standards address Ohio Administrative Code Rule 3301-51-01 through Rule 3301-51-21.

Office for Exceptional Children Law and Policy Memorandums

Below are communications distributed to Ohio educational agencies serving children with disabilities notifying them of important changes or clarifications to special education requirements.

Memorandum   Subject Date Issued

2013-1 NEW!

Prior Written Notice

December 20, 2013
2012-2 Parent Notification of Scholarship Programs  September 24, 2012
2012-1 Secondary Transition   September 6, 2012

The Guidance Document
The Guidance Document is an online resource developed by the Office for Exceptional Children (OEC) to provide Ohio educational agencies serving students with disabilities and other stakeholders throughout Ohio with procedures and guidance to implement the operating standards or “rules”.

The Guidance Document is frequently reviewed to ensure that the information is current.  Any changes to the Guidance Document are posted on the Ohio Department of Education website.

Additional Resources on our website
Our website also provides information related to Special Education Model Policies and Procedures, Model Policy Adoption Form, Whose IDEA Is This?, required and optional forms.

Access these operating standards within the Ohio Administrative Code.

Comprehensive Eye Exam State Requirement

Senate Bill (S.B.) 316 continues the requirement for students with disabilities to undergo a comprehensive eye examination within three months of receiving special education services for the first time. A new reporting requirement in S.B. 316 requires ODE to collect and report data about the implementation of this law.

• 2012-2013 Comprehensive Eye Exam Report

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