Ohio Department of Education Topic News

Year End Data News and Reminders


OEC would like special educators to be aware of changes in EMIS reporting coming for year end. 

1.    Eye exam information for students with an initial IEP was collected using a survey last year.  This year it will be reported in EMIS at year end.   Related elements have been added to the EMIS data collection tool.

2.    Related services will no longer be reported.  This will eliminate the ongoing confusion about the translation to EMIS service codes when a specific service is considered specialized instruction, or support for a teacher on the IEP form.

3.    Districts no longer will need to differentiate between an RIEP code and an FIEP code when an annual review is held immediately prior to a student’s graduation.

Changes for next year include, but won’t necessarily be limited to:

1.    The federal Child Count will NOT be taken on December 1, but will occur on October 31 which aligns with other child counts required by state and federal law.

2.    Dates and outcomes for manifestation determinations will be part of the special education event record.