#MyOhioClassroom – Share Your Stories of Success and Innovation with Ohio's Education Community

So many great things are happening every day in Ohio’s districts, schools and classrooms, and we want to highlight those accomplishments for other educators across the state. That’s why we’re launching the #MyOhioClassroom campaign on Instagram and Twitter — to offer administrators and teachers a way to share stories of success, innovation and other great news with their statewide peers.


Did something great happen in your school or classroom today? Let the world know! Have a lesson that really clicked or a new project that would encourage others to strive higher? How about a story on your staff or students doing something inspiring? Did a group of students go above and beyond? Did new technology help students go to the next level? We want to see what is working and inspiring students to reach their dreams.

To participate, simply share a picture with your story using #MyOhioClassroom and tag @OHEducation on Instagram and Twitter, and your post may be shared with other educators across the state. We cannot wait to share the great work happening every day in Ohio’s schools!

Share this flyer with your staff to start spreading the word about the great things happening in your district and schools!

As a reminder, please use social media appropriately by never using student names or student photos without parental consent.



Last Modified: 5/8/2017 3:52:20 PM