Capacity Planning Tool for computer-based testing

Beginning in 2017, districts and schools must deliver Ohio’s State Tests only online unless they can demonstrate the need for paper tests. The Ohio Department of Education released guidance about online testing on June 29, 2016.
Districts with a need for paper tests in spring 2017 must complete the computer-based certification process. To gather and verify data, there are two steps in the process. The department will review the data and make a decision to approve the request to provide paper tests and in what quantity.

The first step, the Connectivity/Readiness Survey, gathered connectivity data (e.g., internal and external network capacity), the number of testing devices that meet AIR requirements, and building (testing site) enrollment. Districts access the Connectivity/Readiness Survey dashboard here, logging in with their district's credentials and then making a selection under District Data Dashboard. There you can see if you need to complete the survey. If your district needs a username and password, or help with your survey, contact

The Capacity Planning Tool

The second step, the Capacity Planning Tool, pulls data from the Connectivity/Readiness Survey and allows your district to enter additional data elements. The tool evaluates your district’s existing technology infrastructure and calculates estimations for conducting online testing in English language arts (ELA), math, science and social studies. Calculated estimations include the required number of testing devices and the network bandwidth requirements for the planned number of concurrent testers. If a district is less than 100 percent capacity in any given building or testing center, the department will provide paper tests as an accommodation to get the building or testing center to 100 percent.
Buildings granted an exception must administer paper tests by entire grade-level subject area. Buildings may not split test modes within a grade-level subject area. For example, if the building chooses to use paper tests for grade 3 English language arts, the entire grade-level subject must be tested using paper, buildings may not test some grade 3 English language arts test takers on paper and others online (unless the student has an IEP or requires paper as a test accommodation). 

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