Order Official GED Transcripts and Duplicate Diplomas

Effective February 2014 - Ohio 2014 GED® test takers receive transcripts and diplomas through a paperless web-based system. Typically within hours upon passing the final test, graduates will get these documents at an email address. See details below.

Effective June 25, 2014: The national GED® Testing Service will fulfill all requests for transcripts and duplicate diplomas earned before 2014. GED® test takers can order duplicate copies of official Ohio GED® transcripts and duplicate diplomas online at: www.ged.com

The Ohio Department of Education GED® Office will continue processing Transcript and Duplicate Diploma Requests for test takers prior to 2014 postmarked by Saturday, July 5, 2014. All requests (Transcript/Duplicate Diploma) received in this office after the postmarked date of Saturday, July 5, 2014 will be returned to sender.

Walk-Ins:  No walk-in transcript or duplicate diploma requests will be accepted after Thursday, July 3, 2014.

The benefits of the new GED® paperless system:

  • Same-day delivery: Those who pass the 2014 GED® test will receive immediately a secure electronic transcript in email.
    • Initial diploma and transcript are FREE to test-takers who pass the 2014 GED® test
    • Repeat requests are charged a small convenience fee for delivering an official copy of the transcript
    • There is a fee of $15 for each additional request.
  • Forwarding: Graduates can easily forward the electronic transcript directly to schools and employers requesting it.
  • Choice: Graduates can choose to receive a transcript and diploma in either a printed or electronic format.

GED® Credentialing™ is the service that provides Ohio’s GED® transcripts and diplomas from the GED® Testing Service. Ohio remains the issuing agency and the diploma features Ohio’s official signatures and design. The GED® Office at the Ohio Department of Education no longer processes any transcript or diploma requests by phone or email.

Last Modified: 10/19/2017 12:16:13 PM