Order Official HSE (High School Equivalence) Transcripts and Duplicate Diplomas


The last day to order a duplicate GED® transcript or diploma through Parchment will be January 25, 2018  www.ged.com or www.gedtestingservice.com

Beginning February 5, 2018 all High School Equivalence (HSE) transcripts and diplomas will be processed through DiplomaSender.

The benefits of DiplomaSender:

  • Test takers who pass the GED® , HiSET, or TASC test will be able to log into a secure portal through DiplomaSender.
    • Test takers who pass the GED® , HiSET or TASC test  for the first time will receive an email from DiplomaSender, log into their account, and enter the current address where the credentials (diploma and transcript) will be mailed
    • Test takers will be able to view all historical and current test scores from all three assessment vendors (GED® , HiSET or TASC)
    • Initial diploma and transcript are FREE to first-time test-takers who pass the GED® , HiSET or TASC test
    • Duplicate diploma requests are $15
    • Duplicate transcript requests are $15

Walk-Ins:  As of Thursday, July 3, 2014, no walk-in requests for transcripts or duplicate diploma/transcripts are accepted 


Last Modified: 1/5/2018 1:55:17 PM