Accommodations on State Assessments

This page includes information and resources related to accommodations on State Assessments.

OAA and OGT accommodations 

The Accommodations Manual – Selection, Use and Evaluation of Accommodations that Support Instruction and Assessment of Children with Disabilities was developed by the Office for Exceptional (OEC) in the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). The information in this manual applies to third grade reading OAA and the OGT only.  A list of common assessment accommodations for the OAA and OGT is provided at Statewide Assessment Accommodations Updated Sept. 2010

Ohio's New State Tests

Information about accessibility features and accommodations for Ohio's New State Tests can be found at

Watch this introductory video and then you'll be ready for the newly released "PARCC Accessibility System" online learning module.

Read Aloud Guidance for Ohio's New State Tests

Read aloud guidance document

Reading Access White Paper

IEP and 504 Plan Decision-Making Tool pdf version MS Word version


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