Career-Technical Education Assessment System

Guidance for Administering WebXam

As Ohio’s students and educators work through the unique challenges of this school year, many questions regarding state testing requirements have been raised, specifically regarding Career-Technical Education WebXams.

U.S. Department of Education (USED) Guidance
During the early days of the pandemic and related school closures, USED allowed states to seek one-year waivers from the Every Student Succeeds Act's testing and accountability requirements. The Ohio General Assembly subsequently passed emergency legislation canceling the spring 2020 administration of Ohio's State Tests. Accordingly, the Ohio Department of Education sought and received a federal waiver for the 2019-20 school year. USED has recently shared specific guidance clearly noting that states “should not anticipate such waivers being granted again” for the 2020-21 school year.
Considerations for Administering Fall State Tests and WebXam
Based on the current status of federal and state law, districts should be making plans for students to take the relevant state tests and end-of-course exams, including WebXam for the 2020-2021 school year. Due to technology and test security requirements, there is no option to remotely administer state tests or WebXam.
The Department emphasizes that districts first and foremost should be concerned about the safety of students and staff. Assessments should occur only if they can be administered safely. Safety may be determined locally at the student, teacher, building, district or county level depending on the circumstances. Districts should put forth a good faith effort to communicate with parents and students about the importance of assessments and the requirement to conduct testing on site. For districts operating with a hybrid model, plans for testing likely will depend on how many days students are in the building. Districts offering remote instruction should be considering creative options to have students on-site for relevant testing. Below are examples from three districts on how they plan to implement fall testing.
  • In one district, students attending remotely are being asked to contact their home schools to choose a testing time within the district’s five-day window. The plan is to test the students in socially distanced classrooms.
  • Another district is planning to bus remote learners (not during the normal route) to school on Wednesday and Thursday to test. These students will be tested in the gymnasium where they can practice safe social distancing.
  • One district currently has “remote Mondays” where all students, even those attending in the hybrid model, are at home. The district plans to bring in students and utilize the buildings to test their students in smaller groups.
Districts are encouraged to review the webxam test security rulebook and the Reset and Restart Education: Planning Guide prior to implementing district assessment plans. The Office of Career-Technical Education will continue to work collaboratively with the Center on Education and Training for Employment (CETE) to identify potential remote testing options for future school years.

Secondary Career-Technical Education (CTE) programs require career field pathway end-of-course tests. A few pathway programs are awaiting development of end-of-course tests and are therefore using tests based on individual modules. All CTE tests are developed and administered by The Ohio State University, CETE through a proprietary system called WebXam©.

Teacher Professional Development Opportunities at CETE

For details on specific events, please see the WebXam Calendar. If you have general or technical testing issues, please contact WebXam Support at or 614-292-4988.

Career-Technical Education PROGRAM AND Assessment Matrix

The CTE Assessment and Program Matrix is designed to help educators identify the tests that are required for their CTE pathway programs.

NOTE - Field testing dates have not yet been determined due to closures caused by COVID-19. Please check the WebXam Calendar for updates.


The use of pretests is recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as a method to help document student gain along with the observations and measurements conducted directly by the instructor and other local district staff. Note that only course-based pathways will have pretests, and that implementation will occur over several years as the test development process follows revision of Career Field Technical Content Standards and creation of course outlines.

Career-Technical education College credit plus Assessment

industry-recognized credentials

Industry-recognized credentials may substitute course-level WebXam assessments where permitted. When a student is reported as having earned an aligned Industry Credential (test score of “P”), the industry credential will count as part of the calculation of a student’s pathway technical assessment. The average proficient score of the course-level WebXam assessment the industry credential is replacing will be the test score used for the industry credential. For a full list of industry-recognized credentials that may be used in lieu of WebXams, please reference the CTE Program and Assessment Matrix. Please note, districts should report all iIndustry-recognized credential attempts, regardless of score.

calculation of student summative pathway score

In order to allow for CCP course grades and industry-recognized credentials to be used in lieu of WebXams, the Department calculates student-level pathway technical assessment scores. The calculation will remain consistent with the calculation as performed by CETE in prior years. However, technical assessment pathway scores now include CCP course grades and industry-recognized credentials earned when reported in EMIS. Additional information on the calculation of pathway scores is available on the WebXam website.

Career-Technical education Assessment system resources

Career-Technical education Assessments for Ohio's teacher evaluation system

Districts can use selected CTE pathway end-of-course pretests and posttests as Category C Ohio Department of Education-approved vendor assessments for determining teacher effectiveness ratings in Ohio's Teacher Evaluation System (OTES).

Reset webxam form

If in the course of administering a WebXam you encounter an exceptional incident, please download this form, fill in all of the required information and return it to request a test reset.

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