Career-Technical Education Assessment System

Secondary Career-Technical Education (CTE) programs require career field pathway end-of-course tests. A few pathway programs are awaiting development of end-of-course tests and are therefore using tests based on individual modules. All CTE tests are developed and administered by The Ohio State University, CETE through a proprietary system called WebXam©.

Teacher Professional Development Opportunities at CETE

For further details on specific events, please see the WebXam Calendar. If you have general or technical testing issues, please contact WebXam Support at or 614-292-4988.

Career-Technical Education PROGRAM AND Assessment Matrix

The CTE Assessment and Program Matrix is designed to help educators identify the tests that are required for their CTE pathway programs.

NOTE - Field testing dates have not yet been determined due to closures caused by COVID-19. Please check the WebXam Calendar for updates.


The use of pretests is recognized by the Ohio Department of Education as a method to help document student gain along with the observations and measurements conducted directly by the instructor and other local district staff. Note that only course-based pathways will have pretests, and that implementation will occur over several years as the test development process follows revision of Career Field Technical Content Standards and creation of course outlines.

Career-Technical education College credit plus Assessment

industry-recognized credentials

Industry-recognized credentials may substitute course-level WebXam assessments where permitted. When a student is reported as having earned an aligned Industry Credential (test score of “P”), the industry credential will count as part of the calculation of a student’s pathway technical assessment. The average proficient score of the course-level WebXam assessment the industry credential is replacing will be the test score used for the industry credential. For a full list of industry-recognized credentials that may be used in lieu of WebXams, please reference the CTE Program and Assessment Matrix. Please note, districts should report all iIndustry-recognized credential attempts, regardless of score.

calculation of student summative pathway score

In order to allow for CCP course grades and industry-recognized credentials to be used in lieu of WebXams, the Department calculates student-level pathway technical assessment scores. The calculation will remain consistent with the calculation as performed by CETE in prior years. However, technical assessment pathway scores now include CCP course grades and industry-recognized credentials earned when reported in EMIS. Additional information on the calculation of pathway scores is available on the WebXam website.

Career-Technical education Assessment system resources

Career-Technical education Assessments for Ohio's teacher evaluation system

Districts can use selected CTE pathway end-of-course pretests and posttests as Category C Ohio Department of Education-approved vendor assessments for determining teacher effectiveness ratings in Ohio's Teacher Evaluation System (OTES).

Reset webxam form

If in the course of administering a WebXam you encounter an exceptional incident, please download this form, fill in all of the required information and return it to request a test reset.

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