Career Tech Assessments and Industry Credentials

This information is related to Ohio Career-Technical Competency Assessments (OCTCA) and optional industry-specific certificates and licenses that may be obtained by secondary students for selected workforce development programs.

Career-Technical Education Technical Assessment System

Career-Technical Education Technical Assessment System Matrix

Ohio's Career-Technical Education (CTE) assessment system is comprised of a combination of state developed exams, industry related credentials and in one instance a portfolio assessment process. The CTE Technical Assessment System Matrix is designed to help educators identify tests that are available and required for individual pathway programs.

Ohio Career-Technical Competency Assessment (OCTCA) Information

Ohio has many state-developed tests as part of its technical assessment system for high school career-technical educatiom programs. These tests are commonly referred to as OCTCA tests. All OCTCA tests are administered electronically through a web-based application. Some are in a modularized format that can be administered throughout a student's time in a pathway program. Others are intended only as end-of-program exams. All OCTCA tests are developed and administered by The Ohio State University through a proprietary system called WebXam.

OCTCA informational resources include a User's Guide, Step by Step Instructions, OCTCA Newsletters, Available Tests, OCTCA Benchmarks and more.




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