Technical and professional level careers in planning, managing and performing the processing of materials into intermediate or final products and related professional and technical support activities.

Manufacturing Technologies is under WebXam Field Testing this year. Test administration and complete student participation is mandatory. The window for field testing end-of-course assessments begins October 1, 2019 and goes through April 24, 2020. For information on testing windows and deadlines, please refer to the WebXam Newsletter, the WebXam Calendar, Assessments on the Ohio Department of Education website, and the WebXam website. Please review this material before the start of each school year so that you may relay this information. For more information on field tests, visit the WebXam Field Test page and the WebXam About the Tests page, which contains blueprints and standards for each pathway. If you have any future questions about WebXam or testing windows, you can refer to the materials mentioned or contact WebXam at or (614) 292-4988.


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