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The Office of Federal Programs provides leadership and technical assistance to customers on the requirements and uses of funds under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), currently authorized as the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).  In particular, the Office provides support to education entities as they plan and budget their ESEA resources and administers the 21st Century competition and Ohio’s participation in the U.S. Green Ribbon Schools recognition. The Office is organized by four units: Operational, Competitive, District Planning and District Performance Review. 

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Ohio’s Allocations for School Year 2014-15 ESEA Funds

Federal Grant Name

Total Federal Grant Award


School Year 2015-16

Actual School Year 2014-15


Title I Part A - Grants to LEAs $558,414,182 $567,630,894 -$9,216,712
Title I School Improvement (g) $18,093,764 $18,593,308 -$499,544
Title IC - Migrant Education $2,621,134 $2,621,134 $0
Title ID - Neglected and Delinquent State Agencies $1,053,537 $1,037,007 +$16,530
Title IIA - Improving Teacher Quality $85,801,848 $86,105,527 -$303,679
Title III- Limited English Proficient $10,454,452 $10,101,411 +$353,041
Title IV B - 21st Century Community Learning Centers $43,888,443 $45,173,267 -$1,284,824
Title VI B - Rural and Low Income $2,773,116 $2,688,582 +$84,534
Title VII B - McKinney-Vento Homeless Children & Youth $2,455,369 $2,525,315 -$69,946

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