Early Childhood Education Grants

Early Childhood Education Grants provide high-quality early learning preschool services in order to prepare children for success in kindergarten. The purpose of the grant is to maximize a child’s early educational experiences before kindergarten and provide high-quality early learning services to eligible children.

Preschool programs funded through this state grant must be comprehensive and designed to meet the needs of four-year-old children. Grant funds must advance a high-quality educational program for preschool and promote academic achievement using developmentally appropriate practices. 

Ohio’s General Assembly demonstrated the state’s commitment to investing in early learning preschool services when the governor signed into law House Bill 64, which allocated an additional $10 million to the early childhood education program for Fiscal Year 2017.  This increased the state’s investment in high-quality preschool to a total of $75 million dollars annually.

In order to best support school readiness, the funds are awarded to existing high-quality early learning programs within high-needs areas of the state.  

Fiscal Year 2017 Information

The following resources are available to assist Early Childhood Education grantees.


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