Financial Literacy

New! Financial Literacy Model Curriculum

At the February 2016 State Board of Education meeting, the Financial Literacy Model Curriculum was approved. Thank you to all who took time to submit ideas and suggestions for the model curriculum!

Financial Literacy Model Curriculum

The Financial Literacy Pearltree contains links and resources for educators teaching this content.

Financial Literacy Graduation Requirements

State law (3313.603 (C)(7) requires integration of economics and financial literacy within one or more social studies classes or another class.

Financial Literacy FAQ

Common questions about financial literacy are answered in the Financial Literacy FAQ.

Academic Content Standards

DRAFT Financial Literacy Standards for Primary and Middle Grades

Draft financial literacy standards for primary and middle grades can be accessed here. Unlike other grade level standards, these have been created for primary grades and middle grades and are included under each of the 27 high school content statements. How and when that information is integrated into the classroom remains a local decision. Unlike the high school standards, teacher licensure in financial literacy is not a requirement at this time as, these are not intended to be stand-alone courses, but rather integrated content to be included within the scope of other content areas as appropriate in local courses of study.

Financial Literacy Resources

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