Gifted Screening and Identification

Ohio Administrative Code 3301-51-15(C)(2)(B)(iv)(c) requires school districts to submit proposed changes to district gifted identification plans, including the adoption of new editions of tests, to the Ohio Department of Education for approval. To submit revisions to a district identification plan, complete the following steps:

Assessment Instruments Used for Gifted Identification 
This form or its equivalent. This document is created for parents and should include specific information about the instruments used and the scores for screening and identification.

District Policy for the Identification of and Services for Students Who Are Gifted
This form's purpose is to provide parents with detailed information about district practices related to gifted identification and services. When creating this document, consider that parents are the primary audience.

Identification of Children Who Are Gifted: Definitions and Criteria
The third portion of the identification materials is the PB-2 form. This form contains information taken from the Ohio Revised Code (3314.01-07). It is called

Submit the forms electronically to ODE for review and approval. Highlight the changes the district has made to the prior documents. Only submit documents that contain changes. See below for contact information.

If necessary, obtain local board approval of the proposed changes. This step may not be required in all districts; check board policy with the district administration. 

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