Rules, Regulations and Policies for Gifted Education

Revised Operating Standards for Identifying and Serving Gifted Students, Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) 3301-51-15, were approved by the State Board of Education in March 2008 following numerous statewide research studies and broad stakeholder input. The new operating standards, effective July 1, 2008, significantly “raise the bar” for gifted education services provided by districts, while creating new flexibility in providing appropriate challenges and supports for gifted and talented students. With the new standards, important changes include:

  • More specific requirements for the development and implementation of written education plans (WEPs) for gifted students;
  • Increased flexibility in class sizes and student caseloads at upper grade levels; and
  • Specific contact time requirements for students in services provided by gifted intervention specialists.

Gifted Rule Survey

Gifted education is a complex matter with competing interests related to flexibility, standards and accountability. The Ohio Department of Education conducted a brief survey to help us understand how well the proposed Gifted Rule, or set of operating standards, achieves balance in ensuring Ohio schools can and will best serve gifted students. To access the results of the survey, please click here

Please click here to view the proposed draft Operating Standards for Identifying and Serving Gifted Students.


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