High Quality Professional Development (HQPD) for Gifted Service in General Education Settings

Ohio districts surveyed in the 2014 annual School District Self Report on Identification and Services for Students Who Are Gifted listed teacher professional development as one of the top five ways to increase gifted student achievement. The survey defines professional development as sustained over time, including regular follow-up and evidence of impact on teacher practice and on student learning.

The Operating Standards for Identifying and Serving Gifted Students support the implementation of high-quality professional development that requires teachers in general education settings to receive professional development about teaching gifted students. General education teachers also receive ongoing assistance with curriculum development and instruction from an educator with a gifted intervention specialist license.

OHIO STANDARDS that define High Quality Professional Development

  1. HQPD is a purposeful, structured, and continuous process that occurs over time.
  2. HQPD is informed by multiple sources of data.
  3. HQPD is collaborative.
  4. HQPD includes varied learning experiences that accommodate individual educator’s knowledge and skills.
  5. HQPD is evaluated by its short- and long-term impact on professional practice and achievement of all students.
  6. HQPD results in the acquisition, enhancement or refinement of skills and knowledge.

Evaluation of professional development looks at the quality of the experience, not the quantity of time involved. Gifted staff members provide leadership to the district by identifying or developing HQPD opportunities and adding the necessary supports for teachers to implement strategies throughout the year. 

Professional development aligns with the requirements for gifted staff to work collaboratively with general education teachers to meet the needs of gifted children with regard to curriculum and instruction.

HQPD is an ongoing process that measures change in knowledge and/or skills and ultimately affects instruction and teacher practice.

Creating High Quality Professional Development and ongoing assistance

District Professional Development Plan for General Education Teachers Providing Gifted Service | MS Word version - This optional tool provides guidance to districts in developing high-quality professional development opportunities for general education teachers who are teaching gifted students.

Self-Assessment for Ongoing Assistance for Teachers of Gifted in General Education Settings | MS Word version - This optional rubric is designed to assist districts in measuring the level of ongoing support and collaboration between general education teachers and gifted specialists.

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