Ohio Longitudinal Transition Study

Collecting Data on State Performance Plan Indicator 14 Post-School Outcomes

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA) requires that states report the post-school engagement of students with disabilities in post-secondary education and employment. Specifically, the Ohio Department of Education's Office for Exceptional Children (OEC) is required to report to the federal government the percent of children with disabilities who, within one year of leaving high school, are enrolled in higher education, participating in a training program or competitively employed.

IDEA also requires that all local education agencies (LEAs) collect outcome data for their students with individualized education programs (IEPs), at least once every six years for LEAs under 50,000 students and annually for LEAs with enrollments of 50,000 or more.

Ohio fulfills this obligation through the Ohio Longitudinal Transition Study (OLTS) which uses a survey designed to collect information on students' expectations at the end of their final year in high school and to follow up with these same students one year after they exit to see how well their expectations were met. The OLTS:

  1. Was developed by LEA personnel in collaboration with Ohio’s regional special education technical assistance providers; 
  2. Is designed to be easily administered by school staff; and
  3. Is intended to provide information on post-school outcomes, as well as student expectations for achieving them.

The OEC has a contract with Kent State University's Center for Innovation in Transition and Employment (CITE) to collect, manage and analyze the results of the "longitudinal surveys. Every year, one-sixth of Ohio high schools are randomly selected to collect information on their students exiting with an IEP. The CITE then analyzes the results of these surveys to meet Ohio's reporting requirements under IDEA.

If your LEA has been selected to participate in the OLTS, you can find additional information at www.olts.org. You may also contact Dr. Robert Baer, OLTS Outreach Director, at rbaer@kent.edu, or by phone at (330) 672-0722, or Rachel McMahan, OLTS Project Director at rmcmahan@kent.edu, or by phone at (330) 672-0724. Your regional State Support Team can also be contacted for assistance.

OLTS Annual Reports

These reports are based on information collected from students with IEPs at two different times: just prior to their exit from high school and one year later. The exit survey asks students about their post-secondary goals and how they evaluated their high school experiences. The follow-up survey asks them how well these goals were met one year later. The OLTS Annual Report is an overview of findings derived from the student data gathered.

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