Ohio Achievement Assessments

Note: The OAA are no longer administered. Ohio’s State Tests (OST) have replaced the OAA.

Ohio’s state test in grade 3 English language arts replaces the third grade reading OAA and will meet the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Additional information regarding cut scores will be forthcoming. 

This fall, Ohio will administer the third grade English language arts test from Nov. 7 to Nov. 18. Districts are to select five consecutive days during that window for the test. For information on the spring administration, see the schedule information available here. 

Please note when planning accessibility features and accommodations for state testing, Ohio’s new accessibility and accommodations policies will apply for all new state tests. We are working now to finalize guidance documents on these features and will post them here. Also, there are no changes to the read-aloud policy implemented last year for state tests. 


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