State-Funded ACT Tests

ACT/SAT Fall 2020 Makeup Testing Dates for Spring 2020 Administration.

For the state-sponsored ACT and SAT tests, the Department is providing fall opportunities for districts and students that were scheduled to test in spring but were unable to do so.

  • Dates for ACT fall testing are Sept. 22, Oct. 6 and Oct. 20. Any fall state-sponsored ACT test administrations will be conducted in paper format only.
  • ACT Schedule of Events
ACT & College Board (SAT) will be reaching out to districts/schools very soon. 
Please direct questions about ACT, SAT  Fall 2020 Makeup Testing to Michael Reiser.

Submit your district selection of ACT or SAT between Aug. 17and Sept. 15

Schools will administer state-sponsored college and career readiness tests in spring 2021. Juniors will take whichever college and career readiness test their districts choose.
On Aug. 17, each district superintendent/highest level administrator will receive a survey link they can use to indicate the choice of ACT or SAT for the class of 2022. Each district superintendent/highest level administrator must confirm that it will give the same test it gave in spring 2020,  or it must choose another test for 2021.
Because the home districts of students attending joint vocational school districts and educational service centers will select the ACT or SAT test, JVSD and ESC superintendents will not receive ACT/SAT selection surveys. However, these superintendents can work with local districts, community schools and chartered nonpublic schools to arrange to administer the state-funded college and career readiness tests to students attending their schools. Additional details on collaboration are available here.
Again, the survey will be open until Sept. 15. For more information to make this important choice, such as test dates, see recorded presentations and pdfs from SAT and ACT or visit the SAT and ACT websites for printed overviews.
The SAT vendor will contact participating districts starting in early October. The ACT vendor will contact participating districts starting in early November. Districts that will administer the tests online must become vendor-approved testing sites according to steps outlined on each vendor’s website for Ohio.
Please direct questions about the survey to Michael Reiser.

State Funded ACT or SAT 

State law requires districts and community schools to administer the state-funded ACT or SAT to all grade 11 students in the spring of the school year. Each year, districts and schools will select the test to administer to their juniors. | Notice to JVSD & ESC superintendents

All LEAs should make sure they have a current email address in OEDS
( and with the Ohio-K12 Help Desk ( 

ACT Test Dates

As part of their state testing programs, ACT has provided the test dates for the 2021 administration of the state-funded tests*. Districts and schools can use all standard time paper testing windows, as well as the online window, to administer all standard time ACT tests. 


Paper Testing – February 23, 2021
Online Testing – February 23-25 and March 2-4, 2021
Accommodated Testing – February 23-26 and March 1-5, 2021
Paper Testing – March 9, 2021
Online Testing – March 9-11 and March 16-18, 2021
Accommodated Testing – March 9-12 and March 15-19, 2021
Paper Testing – March 23, 2021
Online Testing – March 23-25 and March 30-31 & April 1, 2021
Accommodated Testing – March 23-26 and March 29-31 & April 1-2, 2021

*All Windows are available upon following ACT's guidelines and timelines.

Please direct questions about ACT test administration to or call 800-553-6244 Ext. 2800.

Please direct questions about graduation requirements to

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