Ohio’s State Tests Rules Book

Ohio’s State Tests Rules Book provides a reference for school officials responsible for statewide testing in a district or building. It also provides a general overview of Ohio's statewide testing program and shares specific information pertaining to testing at each grade level.

Rules Book changes made during the year will be posted on this page below the link for the Rules Book. Minor edits due to grammar, spelling, incorrect reference, etc. will not be noted. Click on the link below to access the November 2018, edition of the Rules Book in PDF format. To download AdobeReader 9.


Changes made to the Rules Book after the November posting date – changes are in RED. The page number and section title is listed for the change which may be new, revised or deleted text. In some cases to provide context, the entire section is listed even though only a portion of the section has been updated. Please add these changes to your copy of the Rules Book.

Last Modified: 9/30/2019 4:50:04 PM