EMIS Validation and Report Explanations

This page provides Education Management Information System (EMIS) coordinators, district administrators, and other interested parties with detailed explanations of the various EMIS reports, which can be used to submit and verify EMIS data.

The first column lists the name of the report. The second column displays the date the report explanation was posted. Previous versions of the report explanations—as well as report explanations for reports that are no longer generated by EMIS—can be found under the Archives.

Report Name

Date Posted

CTE Error Detail Report 8/13/15
Current Enrollment Headcount Summary and Detail 12/22/14
Expenditure Amounts by Category (H) 9/22/14
Federal Child Count 12/17/14
FTE Detail Report 2/15/17
General Issues 3/23/17
General Missing Data (H) 7/10/14
Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT) 7/2/15
Invalid Cert Course 1/13/14
Student Cross Reference (SCR) Conflicts 2/17/17
Staff Missing 10/21/13
Student Grad Info 11/18/13
Student Missing 10/21/13
Where Kids Count 4/7/17

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