Achievement Component

The Achievement component has two measures: The Performance Index tells how well students are doing on Ohio’s State Tests. The Indicators Met measure tells how many students are passing the state tests.


Each year, children take state tests in math, English language arts, science and social studies to measure how well they are meeting the expectations of their grade levels. The tests match the content and skills that are taught in the classroom every day and measure real-world skills like critical thinking, problem solving and writing. The Achievement component of the report card represents the number of students who passed the state tests and how well they performed on them.

What’s New this Year?

Schools and districts have received A-F letter grades on Indicators Met and Performance Index for several years. For the first time in 2016, they also will receive a letter grade on the larger Achievement component.

How Does your School or District Earn an A-F Achievement Component Grade?

75 percent of the grade comes from the Performance Index score: the level of achievement for each student on each state test. The possible levels are Advanced, Accelerated, Proficient, Basic and Limited. Schools and districts receive points for every student’s level of achievement.

25 percent of the grade comes from the Indicators Met score: how many students show “Proficient” knowledge on state tests in each grade and subject. In other words, how many students have met the basic expectations.

Other Things to Know

The higher the student’s achievement level, the more points the school earns toward its Performance Index. This rewards schools and districts that improve the performance of all students, including the highest- and lowest performing students. Achievement also provides data that highlights the opportunities for and performance of gifted students in your district and school.


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