Achievement Component

The Achievement component of the report card represents the number of students who passed the state tests and how well they performed on them. A new indicator this year measures the percentage of students who miss too much school.


The Achievement component represents the number of students who passed the state tests and how well they performed on them. This component includes three additional performance indicators — Chronic Absenteeism Improvement, End-of-Course Improvement and Gifted Indicator.

Achievement Grade: 75%25 Performance Index and 25%25 Indicators MetThe Performance Index measures the achievement of every student, not just whether or not they reach “proficient.” Districts and schools receive points for every student’s level of achievement. The higher the student’s level, the more points the school earns toward its index. This rewards districts and schools that improve the performance of highest- and lowest-performing students.

The Indicators Met measure represents student performance on state tests. It is based on a series of up to 23 state tests that measure the percent of students proficient or higher in a grade and subject. Schools and districts also are evaluated on the Gifted Indicator, the Chronic Absenteeism Improvement Indicator and an End-of-Course Improvement Indicator, giving districts and schools up to 26 possible indicators.

What’s New this Year?

Two new indicators are included in the Indicators Met measure. The Chronic Absenteeism Improvement Indicator measures the number of students who are chronically absent (defined as missing at least 10 percent of the school year) and the efforts to reduce that number. The End-of-Course Improvement Indicator measures the performance and improvement on retaken end-of-course tests.

How Does your School or District Earn an A-F Achievement Component Grade?

A-F Rating

Score Letter Grade
90% - 100% A
80% - 89.9% B
70% - 79.9% C
50% - 69.9% D
Below 50% F

Performance Index score: the level of achievement for each student on each state test. The possible levels are Advanced, Accelerated, Proficient, Basic and Limited.

Indicators Met score: how many students show “Proficient” knowledge on state tests in each grade and subject, and how many students meet the benchmarks established on the three additional indicators. In other words, how many students have met the basic expectations.



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