Indirect Cost Rate Proposal

Pursuant to authority granted by the US Department of Education, grantees may apply to ODE to recover restricted and unrestricted indirect cost rates from Federal grant awards.   An indirect cost rate lets an entity recover expenditures that cannot be directly charged to a federal grant, (such as costs associated with the Treasurer and HR offices, and some of the operations and maintenance of Plant Services) but are applicable to work performed that is pertinent to federal programs.  It also can be used to free up other funding sources for other purposes, such as the entities general fund that would otherwise have to be used on costs associated with the Treasurer, HR, etc.  Indirect cost recovery is not additional grant funds but represents an amount that is a part of an approved program allocation. 

If you would like to apply for a rate, please use the links below to fill out an Indirect Cost Rate Proposal.  Direct any questions you may have to

Indirect Cost Rate Informational Video Series 

Indirect Cost Rate Application Materials

Approved Indirect Cost Rates

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