Five Year Forecasts - Community Schools

FY2018 Community School Five-Year Financial Forecast

Community school treasurers can find additional information regarding how to complete the revised five-year forecast template here.

Community schools are required to submit five year forecasts twice annually to the Ohio Department of Education according to O.A.C. 3301-92-04. The five-year forecast serves as a tool to assess the financial health of each community school.  The five-year forecast spreadsheet is now standardized for all community schools. Please refer to the guidance document to assist in the completion of the five-year forecast template.

October 2017/2018 Submission Exception

The updated five-year forecast template is being introduced for the October submission date. Some items in the assumptions portion of the template are optional for the October 2017 submission.  Detailed purchased services,  receipts and  disbursements assumptions may be omitted from the October forecast, however, a clearer picture is shown when this data is included.

Enrollment projections must be included in the October 2017 submission.

The Department will review the results from the October submission of forecasts and solicit feedback from stakeholders prior to finalizing the community school five-year forecast in early 2018.

Prior fiscal year forecasts have been transferred to ODE's FTP site.

For current fiscal year forecasts click here.

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