NSLP USDA Food and Nutrition Services Instructions

113-1 Civil Rights Compliance and Enforcement in the School Nutrition Programs

765-7 Handling Lost, Stolen and Misused Meal Tickets

776-7 Eligibility of Schools and Institutions To Participate in School Nutrition Programs

781-2 Child Nutrition State Administrative Expense Funds

782-5 Pricing of Adult Meals in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs

782-6 Fees for Lunchroom Services

782-13 Guidelines for Policy Statement When Serving Meals or Milk Without Separate Charge

783-1 The Grains/Breads Requirement for the Food-Based Menu Planning Alternatives in the Child Nutrition Programs

783-2 Meal Substitutions for Medical or Other Special Dietary Reasons

783-6 Guidelines for the Amounts and Use of Nonfat Dry Milk, Whole Dry Milk, and Canned Evaporated Milk Which are Equivalent to One-Half Pint of Fluid Whole Milk

783-7 Milk Requirement-Child Nutrition Programs

783-9 Family Style Meal Service in the Child and Adult Care Food Program

783-11 Juice Products--Child Nutrition Programs

783-13 Variations in Meal Requirements for Religious Reasons: Jewish Schools, Institutions, and Sponsors

786-6 Reimbursement for Recycled Milk and Other Meal Components

786-7 Reimbursement for Meals and Milk Served on Weekends

786-8 Reimbursement for Off-Site Meal Consumption

786-9 Reimbursement for Meals or Milk Served to Continuous School Calendar Students

787-3 Matching of Funds

788-2 Partial Implementation of the School Meal Programs in an Individual School

791-1 Prohibition Against Denying Meals and Milk to Children as a Disciplinary Action

794-5 Agreements With Entities Which Operate Interstate Schools and Facilities

795-1 Use of School Feeding Facilities for the Elderly and Other Community Feeding Programs

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