Chartered Nonpublic School Information

A Chartered Nonpublic school is a private school that holds a valid charter issued by the state board of education and maintains compliance with the Operating Standards for Ohio's Schools (Ohio Administrative Code 3301-35-12). These schools are not supported by local or state tax dollars and require the family to pay tuition. Chartered Non-Public schools are eligible for the Administrative Cost Reimbursement Program, Auxiliary Services Program and Transportation services for students.                

For additional documentation and information regarding funding for Cost Reimbursement, Auxiliary Services and Transportation for private schools, please refer to the Finance and Funding topic page.

How can my School Receive a State Charter

Find out the process to become a chartered nonpublic school

Forms and Program Information

Find documents needed for nonpublic schools

Directory of Ohio Schools (Ohio Education Directory System) OEDS

By clicking the link above, you will have the ability to search for public and private schools in Ohio that are chartered by the State Department of Education and the State Board of Education. When you enter the school name and click SEARCH, if the result is blank, then the school is not chartered by the State Department of Education.

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