Chapter 4.5: Lists of Types and Location of Information

    State Performance Plan (SPP):

    (See Overview in the Introduction for more information on the SPP.)


    To ensure that school districts (LEAs) have available for parents of children with disabilities information on the types and location of all education records that are collected, maintained or stored.


    (G) List of types and locations of information
    Each participating agency must provide parents on request a list of the types and locations of education records collected, maintained, or used by the agency.



    List of types and locations of information

    The local district must have a list of education records and their locations so those records are available if parents requests them. A checklist of possible records such as discipline, attendance, transcript, state testing results, psychological, special results and education may be placed in children’s cumulative files. The records contained in the children’s files may be checked. Since it would be difficult to list all possible records a file might contain, descriptive terms such as those noted may be used.


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