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Educators Rising (EdRising) Ohio is a dynamic non-profit organization for middle and high schools students interested in education-related careers. Educators Rising Ohio began as the Future Educators Association (FEA) Ohio in 1991, before rebranding as the current organization in 2015. FEA Ohio was established by the Ohio Department of Education, in collaboration with both Phi Delta Kappa International and the national Future Educators Association®.

Today, Educators Rising Ohio currently serves over 1,000 students across the state and is a state affiliate of the national Educators Rising organization. Educators Rising is the only federally-recognized Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) focused on the field of education and has over 14,000 members and counting. Furthermore, as the co-curricular component of state-recognized Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs of study, Educators Rising Ohio enhances the classroom experience for students.

About Educators Rising Ohio

Mission Statement of Educators Rising Ohio:

Educators Rising Ohio serves to promote scholarship and academic excellence in Ohio schools and encourage students to explore the teaching profession as well as to help students already pursuing a career in the education field. Educators Rising Ohio does this by providing information on the education field as a career and by working with its chapters through meetings and competitions to secure community support for education. We do this not only for the rising educators of Ohio, but for their future students as well.

Educators Rising Ohio works with Teacher Leaders and the officers of local chapters to:

  • Recruit members (rising educators)
  • Plan projects and state-wide activities
  • Share trend and program information
  • Create and maintain a state-wide communications network for all local chapters

Local Chapters help motivate rising educators by encouraging them to:

  • Set educational and career goals early in life
  • Focus on superior academic achievement
  • Explore the various dimensions of the teaching profession through direct experiences
  • Become exemplary citizens through school and community service

Student Officers and Teacher Leaders elected at the annual spring conference. They form the Educators Rising Ohio Executive Committee, which oversees and governs the state affiliated organization. The members of the Executive Committee:

  • Plan the annual conference
  • Publish and disseminate regular newsletters
  • Represent Educators Rising Ohio at the national level by attending the national conference
  • Ensure fulfillment of the organizations' mission and responsibilities
  • Provide support for local chapters

Educators Rising Ohio Membership

Membership with Educators Rising Ohio is open to all middle and high school students. It is recommended that students join an affiliated chapter at their district or school.

Teacher Leaders (formerly advisors) can register their local chapters with Educators Rising Ohio by submitting the Membership Registration Form to the Ohio Department of Education below.

To register your chapter with Educators Rising Ohio, download, complete, and return the 2015-2016 Membership Renewal/Registration Form. The form can be found here.

Registration forms can be submitted from 9/1/15 - 12/4/15.

Teacher Leaders are encouraged to also register their chapter with the national Educators Rising organization. Currently, there are no additional fees for national registration. In order to participate in the State Conference, chapters must be registered with Educators Rising Ohio. For more information on registration with national Educators Rising, visit the website.

Member benefits include:

  • Regular updates to Teacher Leaders
  • Reduced Educators Rising Ohio Conference registration fees
  • Student participation in state level competitions
  • Potential to represent Educators Rising Ohio at national competitions
  • Ability to send chapter delegates to the Delegate Assembly at the state conference
  • Students can run for election to an Educators Rising Ohio officer position
  • Access to the new Educators Rising Virtual Campus
  • Ongoing support and mentorship as students enter the teaching profession
2016 Educators Rising Ohio State Conference:
March 10-11, 2016
Ohio Dominican University
Columbus, OH

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