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Two additional graduation options available for the classes of 2018 and 2019

The Department expects most students will meet one of the three existing pathways, and districts should continue to work with students, as appropriate, to meet these requirements. However, recent legislation extended additional graduation options to the classes of 2019 and 2020, as provided below. Please note, there are modifications to the criteria for the class of 2020.


EMIS Newsflash – December 18, 2018

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ODE ITC EMIS Trainings for January 2019
Hold the Date! February 2019 ITC EMIS Training Dates


EMIS Newsflash – December 10, 2018

FY19 Beginning of Year Student (S) Collection, v7
FY19 SOES Beginning of Year Student (S) Collection, v7
Level 2 Reports


Know! How To Reduce Holiday Stress

ThinkstockPhotos-stk84060cor-2.jpgThe holidays are meant to be a joy-filled season of gathering with friends and relatives, enjoying festive lights and music, exchanging goodies and giving generously. However, when time and money are stretched, relationships are strained and expectations are not met, what is meant to be a time of celebration may become a time of overwhelming stress, leading many to turn to unhealthy coping behaviors, including alcohol and other drug use.


Know! To Laugh Your Way Through The Holidays

ThinkstockPhotos-170083077-1.jpgThe holiday season is upon us, along with the anxiety and stress that are likely to accompany it (for a variety of reasons). And where there is stress, there are people attempting to cope. How does that look in your home? We’ve got a healthy coping strategy to help you through all the hustle and bustle; it’s one that doesn’t always get its due credit, but one the whole family can benefit from...laughter.

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