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EMIS Newsflash – May 6, 2019

FY19 End of Year Student (S) Collection, v1
FY19 SOES End of Year Student (S) Collection, v3
FY19 Graduation (G) Collection, v1


Know! To Focus On Mental Health

ThinkstockPhotos-461991209-1.jpgIf our pancreas has a chemical imbalance, we seek treatment. If our kidneys are not physiologically working right, we seek treatment. When our most complex organ, the brain, is not physiologically working right or has a chemical imbalance, for some reason we ignore or hide it. May is Mental Health Month; an opportunity to break the negative stigma that surrounds mental illness and promote the well-being of the whole child.


EMIS Newsflash – April 26, 2019

FY19 Spring Early Learning Assessment (A) Collection, v2
FY19 Spring End of Course State Assessment (A) Collection, v2


EMIS Newsflash – April 24, 2019

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Know! What’s Hidden in Plain Sight – Part I

GettyImages-623768150-1.jpgWould you know if your child was experimenting with or using drugs? Would you be able to spot the clues? Hidden in Plain Sight is an awareness program for parents and other adults that helps uncover signs of trouble.

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