High Schools That Work Assessment & Making Middle Grades Work Survey

Title AliasHigh Schools That Work Assessment & Making Middle Grades Work Survey
Public Linkhttp://www.sreb.org/page/1144/assessments__surveys.html
DescriptionThis assessment provides student performance data in reading, mathematics and science, coupled with a student and teacher survey to participating “High Schools That Work” sites. The HSTW Assessment, administered to seniors, is used by HSTW states, districts and schools to document school improvement efforts. This assessment provides comprehensive school-level data that dis-aggregate students’ achievement by their perceptions of school and classroom experiences. These results have given schools, districts and states a unique opportunity to determine what is and is not working to increase student achievement. The assessment is administered by all HSTW sites in even-numbered years. Making Middle Grades Work administers a student and teacher survey on instructional practices. The survey data helps schools to identify  practices that are beneficial to student performance on the Ohio academic assessment.
  • www.hstwohioregions.org
  • www.sreb.org
  • Southwest Ohio HSTW Regional Office, 513-619-2330
    Linda Radtke, Regional Coordinator
  • Northwest Ohio HSTW Regional Office, 419-530-7220
    Nancy Pietras, Regional Coordinator
  • Central/Southeast Ohio HSTW Regional Office, 740-349-6098
    Joyce Odor, Regional Coordinator
  • Northeast Ohio HSTW Regional Office, 614-871-9002
    Diana Rogers, Regional Coordinator
NotesFor more information, contact Dan Stacy, HSTW Consultant at dan.stacy@education.ohio.gov or (614) 644-6325.