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DescriptionThe My Voice™ Student Aspirations Survey, Grades 6-12,  is available at NO COST to all Ohio schools (RttT and NON-RttT) throughout the implementation of RttT.  Each school serving students in grades 6-12 has one (1) opportunity to administer the survey at no cost; if a school chooses to administer the survey after the one-time offer, the school must purchase the survey directly from the Pearson Foundation. 
Type of DataMy Voice™ is a student perception survey to examine the relationship, participation and expectation gaps students often experience in school.
Data SourceMy Voice™ surveys are administered online; survey results are available within 48 hours of user entry.
ResourcesInformation regarding data interpretation and professional development is available at
Password SourceAll information required to register and administer My Voice™ surveys is available at
Site HostPearson Foundation
NotesAdditional surveys available for purchase are My Voice™ Grades 3-5; My Voice™ Staff Survey and My Voice™ Parent Survey.  For more information, please contact the Pearson Foundation at