Ohio Career Information System

Title AliasOhio Career Information System
Public Linkhttps://www.ocis.org/
Secure Linkhttps://ocis.org/administration
DescriptionThe Ohio Career Information System (OCIS) in an Internet-based tool that contains the latest national, Ohio, and local labor market information and projections. It is designed to support ongoing academic and career planning, exploration, and decision-making through easy-to use filtering and sorting utilities, inventory assessments, and an online Portfolio which contains the Individual Academic and Career Plan (IACP). The Portfolio contains the tools necessary for creating a comprehensive academic and career plan, including a résumé, high school course plan, and goal setting. OCIS provides the opportunity for teachers to integrate career-based activities into classrooms such as English language arts, economics, math and social studies (or virtually any subject area). It is most useful for students of grades 6-12, college and university, and adults entering or reentering the workforce; classroom educators; school counselors; curriculum coordinators and directors; career development coordinators and supervisors; scholarship coordinators; community organizations; and families.
ResourcesODE provides regional OCIS workshops on an annual basis and district-wide training by request.
NotesFor more information, contact Carolyn George, OCIS Coordinator at Carolyn.George@education.ohio.gov or 1-800-700-OCIS (6247).