Ohio Improvement Process (OIP)

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The Ohio Improvement Process involves four stages across which processes, structures, tools, and people are connected all with the intent of helping districts

  1. Use data to identify areas of greatest need
  2. Develop a focused plan with a limited number of goals and strategies
  3. Targeted at instructional practice and student performance
  4. Implement and monitor
  5. Evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement process in changing instructional practice and student performance.

Ohio is committed to the implementation of a unified state system of support directly focused on improving the academic achievement of all students and student groups. The Ohio Improvement Process (OIP) articulates a systemic and coherent approach to improving districts and schools not just for the short term but rather by changing fundamental structures and processes that will lead to sustainable improvement.

Under Ohio’s differentiated accountability model, approved by the United States Department of Education in July 2008, the OIP may be used as a required intervention to meet NCLB requirements.

For districts in improvement status or those that have buildings in improvement status, the OIP removes the requirement that districts spend their time in corrective action/restructuring activities that are not related to their problems, while giving them the time and tools to review their data and make informed decisions. For such districts, the OIP is required as an alternative to traditional NCLB sanctions (e.g., replacing building staff, significantly decreasing management authority at the building level, restructuring the internal organizational structure of the public school, etc.). Implementation of the OIP includes use of OIP major tools, such as the Decision Framework (DF) and Implementation Management/Monitoring (IMM) tool.

Features of  Ohio’s Differentiated Accountability Model include: Promoting Flexibility, Innovation for District-wide Improvement of Instructional Practice and Student Performance. Updated Ohio Improvement Process Resources and Tools are located on the ODE website at http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/School-Improvement.


Team Assessments, Training Manual with companion resources  and Training Modules are located on the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council Website: http://www. ohioleadership.org/.  as well as on the ODE website School Improvement Page: http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/School-Improvement.

  • A detailed Facilitator’s Guide and numerous resources are available at the website.
  • Additional information and resources available at the “Improvement tab” at www.ode.state.oh.us
  • For more information, contact The Office for Improvement and Innovation