Third Grade Reading Guarantee Teacher Resources

The documentation below provides additional resources for Teachers for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

Teachers in Split Classrooms

Properly licensed teachers for students retained in third grade and placed in Grades 3-4 split classrooms - This guidance explains the various types of credentials that qualify an educator under the law to teach these split classes.

INFOhio Resources

  • BookFLIX - pairs classic video storybooks with related nonfiction e-books. This engaging combination of read-aloud stories and read-along nonfiction builds phonemic awareness; develops phonics decoding skills; and strengthens vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension, all while introducing children to a world of knowledge and exploration. Many of the nonfiction titles cover STEM and social studies standards. Lexile scores are included. 
  • The Early World of Learning - offers students in grades K-3 narrated stories, interactive reading games, leveled reading practice, and an online encyclopedia.  Early World of Learning's 'Welcome to Reading' section offers new readers stories, games, and activities to help them increase their skills. Two other areas on the site--Trek's Travels and Know It--help children develop vocabulary and comprehension. 
  • World Book Kids provides informational text written for early readers. It includes striking photography, videos, and current events articles. In addition, there are many ideas for classroom activities and other support for educators.
  • INFOhio Curriculum Toolbox
  • Storia for 4th Grade only
  • Storia Flyer for 4th grade only

BookFlix, Early World of Learning, and World Book Kids Third Grade Reading Guarantee Alignment Information

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