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Third Grade Reading Guarantee Guidance Manual

The Ohio Department of Education created this guidance manual to help school districts, community schools, and chartered nonpublic schools understand the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. Please note that there may be periodic updates to this guidance document as new issues arise – districts and schools should check the website frequently.

Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan Sample Template

The Ohio Department of Education developed a Reading Improvement and Monitoring Plan sample template in the fall of 2013. This template has been updated to reflect the feedback received from districts and schools since its release. Districts may opt to use the template and are encouraged to modify the template to meet the needs of their students and community. Districts are not required to utilize the department developed template.

Other Guidance Documents

2015-2016 English Language Arts Test (Updated February 1, 2016)

Grade 3 English language arts test FAQ (updated February 2016)

The Ohio Achievement Assessments (OAA) will no longer be administered. Ohio’s state test in grade 3 English language arts replaces the third grade reading OAA and will meet the requirements of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee.

The grade 3 reading subscore will be used for the purposes of the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. For the 2015-2016 school year, the Third Grade Reading Guarantee promotion score is 42. Any student who scores 42 or higher on the reading subscore will be eligible for promotion at the end of the year. The 2016-2017 promotion score is forthcoming.

Information on the grade 3 English language arts performance level descriptors is available here.

Please note, when planning accessibility features and accommodations for state testing, Ohio’s accessibility and accommodations policies apply for all state tests.

2016-2017 Test Windows for Ohio's grade 3 English language arts test

Fall 2016: November 7-18

Spring 2017: March 13-April 14

Information on the 2016-2017 test windows for all Ohio State Tests is available here.

Reading Achievement Plan (Updated September 2016)

The Reading Achievement Plan is a district plan for raising student achievement in reading. Ohio law requires each school district or community school that meets the following criteria, as reported on the past two consecutive report cards issued for that district or community school, to submit to the Ohio Department of Education a Reading Achievement Plan by December 31.
  1. The district or community school received a grade of “D” or “F” on the K-3 Literacy Improvement Measure; and
  2. Fewer than 60 percent of the district’s or community school’s students scored proficient or higher on the state’s grade 3 English language arts test

Districts and community schools that are required to create and submit a Reading Achievement Plan will be identified after the release of the 2016 Ohio School Report Cards. Districts and community schools will be contacted at that time and provided more information on the submission process. Questions may be sent to readingplans@education.ohio.gov.

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