Ohio eTranscripts

Want to cut paperwork at your school? Want to make college enrollment easier for students?

Ohio eTranscript has the solution.

  • Saves money and time for schools. Transcript management can be done with just a few mouse clicks - no paper forms to mail
  • Students quickly register online and can send a transcript anywhere.
  • FERPA compliant
  • 24/7 service
  • Students are notified automatically when a transcript is sent or received.
  • A proven technology used by  9,000 high schools - with 3 million transcripts sent in 2012.

eTranscript Resources

Testimonials - “This has been a very useful initiative for us. It has worked well for our students – they are living in the generation of “instant results” and this has been a great tool to get that accomplished. It’s easy to use and we’ve had no difficulties." - Donna Zerr, Principal, Augusta High School, Augusta, Kansas

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