Ohio's Teacher Equity Plan and EDHEE Analysis Tool

If there is one clear message that has emerged from educational research, it is this: teachers make a difference in student learning. Teachers matter most, and high quality teachers matter even more.

Unfortunately, Ohio’s own research shows that children in low-performing schools, who need the most experienced, most educated, most skilled teachers, sometimes get the least effective educators. Ohio's Teacher Equity Plan is focused on closing both the gaps in student achievement and the gaps in teacher quality.

The plan presents a comprehensive set of 68 strategies, organized around nine supportive elements, which clearly demonstrate Ohio’s effort to improve the distribution of its most effective teachers.

Ohio’s goal is to have a high quality teacher in every classroom for every student – regardless of race or ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender, disability or English language proficiency.

Equitable Distribution of Highly Effective Educators Analysis Tool

The Equitable Distribution of Highly Effective Educators (EDHEE) Analysis Tool is intended to support local education agency (LEA) needs in making informed decisions to assure that all students have access to highly effective educators.

Upon approval of ESEA requirements, ODE will begin a phase-out of Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) requirements for those LEAs that demonstrate they have in place a qualifying evaluation system and policies that align with the state evaluation framework. In 2014-2015 and annually thereafter LEAs will conduct the EDHEE Analysis based on full implementation of the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) or similar evaluation tool.

Pilot districts of OTES and others are welcome to use the tool earlier.

Currently the tool needs to be populated by the district and saved on the district server. No data will be recorded or reported to the state when using the tool.

The EDHEE Analysis Tool has been developed and provided by the Office of Educator Equity and Talent as part of the state-level Race to the Top Resources Plan, Application Area D: Great Teachers and Leaders.

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