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EMIS Newsflash – September 7, 2018

FY19 SOES Beginning of Year Student (S) Collection, v2
FY19 Summer OGT Assessment (A) Collection, v1
FY19 Summer and Fall End of Course State Assessment (A) Collection, v1
New Reports Added to FY18 End of Year Student (S) Collections
SDC Now Open
SDC Release Notes


EMIS Newsflash – September 4, 2018

FY18 Financial (H) Supplemental Collection, v4
FY19 Beginning of Year Student (S) Collection, v1
SDC Now Open
SDC Release Notes
EMIS Data Review Forms Now Past Due
Files Recently Distributed


Know! The Key Skills for Academic Success

As teens begin a new school year, we can help them start strong and stay on track toward academic success. We all know the importance of academic achievement in shaping the minds of our children, giving them a competitive edge to further their education and to better prepare them for future careers. In addition, research shows there are health benefits as well—as young people who achieve higher grades in the classroom also don’t use drugs.


EMIS Newsflash – August 31, 2018

Data Appeal Window Open for Retention Data


Know! How to Create Safe and Welcoming Schools for LGBT Students

GettyImages-472404164-1.jpgAs discussed in the previous tip, Know! To Support Your LGBT Student, we learned that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth face an increased risk of bullying, violence and sexual assault compared to their heterosexual peers. In turn, these youth experience higher rates of depression, suicide and suicidal thoughts, substance use and risky sexual behavior. We also discussed the impact of parental acceptance versus rejection on a child’s mental, emotional and physical health, and learned what parents can do to better protect and support their LGBT child’s overall health and well-being.

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