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EMIS Newsflash – August 6, 2018

Secure Data Center (SDC) Schedule – Revised


EMIS Newsflash – August 2, 2018

FY18 Final Staff/Course (L) Collection, v10
Files Recently Distributed


EMIS Newsflash – August 1, 2018

FY19 SOES Beginning of Year Student (S) Collection, v1
FY19 SOES Student (S) Contact(s) Collection, v1
SDC Now Open
SDC Release Notes


Know! Transition Increases Risk

While there is much excitement about the start of a new school year, there may be much apprehension and anxiety as well. This may be especially so for youth entering their first year of middle or high school, and for adolescents of any age transitioning to a new school.


EMIS Newsflash – July 31, 2018

FY18 Graduation (G) Collection, v2
SDC Now Open
SDC Release Notes
Upcoming Schedule for the Secure Data Center (SDC) – Revised

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