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Know! The Big Sibling Effect!

ThinkstockPhotos-538789226-1.jpgThere is a unique and special connection between siblings that cannot be denied nor duplicated. They are both tormentors and protectors; a source of teasing one moment, the greatest ally the next. Siblings are also likely to be one and other’s longest-lasting relationship. Four out of five Americans get to experience the growing years with a brother or sister, and in most families the older siblings serve as role models for the younger ones. The influence of older siblings is so powerful, in fact, that it is said to rival that of peers and many times outweigh parental influence - for the better or worse.


EMIS Newsflash – October 12, 2018

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Know! Not to be a Lawnmower Parent

GettyImages-166736424-1.jpgYou’re likely familiar with the term Helicopter Parenting, where parents keep an overly watchful eye on their child’s every move. But have you heard of Lawnmower Parenting? And are you possibly guilty of it?


Know! To Foster Empathy for Bullying Prevention

GettyImages-114333743-1.jpgIn a previous tip, Know! The End of Bullying Begins With YOU, we learned that more than one in five students reported being bullied. Regardless of what position a child is in - a target, bully, or bystander – they are at an increased risk for a variety of mental health and behavioral problems, including substance abuse.


EMIS Newsflash – October 1, 2018

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